Nokia Symbian 3

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Nokia Symbia 3

Symbian is an “Operating System” (OS) and “Software Platform” designed for Smartphone and currently maintained by Nokia. The Symbian platform is the successor to Symbian OS and Nokia Series 60; unlike Symbian OS, which needed an additional User Interface system. Symbian includes a user interface component based on S60 5th Edition. The latest version, Symbian^3, was officially released in 2010, first used in the Nokia N8.

Symbian OS was originally developed by Symbian Ltd. Devices based on Symbian accounted for 43.5% of worldwide Smartphone market share in 2010. Some estimates indicate that the cumulative number of mobile devices shipped with the Symbian OS up to the end of 2010 is 385 million.

Symbian^3 was announced on15th February 2010.It was designed to be a more “Next Generation” Smartphone platform. The Symbian^3 introduced new features like a new 2D and 3D graphics architecture, UI improvements, and support for external displays via HDMI. It has single tap menus and up to three customizable home screens. The Symbian^3 SDK (Software Development Kit) was released September 2010.

Six Smartphones with the Symbian^3 operating system have been released so far; the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7-00, Nokia C7-00, Nokia E6 and Nokia X7.


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